The genius of simplicity

In a word of frightening complexity, simplicity is the hardest thing to achieve...however the potential benefits are huge.

Protian is a niche consultancy that aims to help businesses unlock potential through a range of services.

Protian was formed in 2009 by Ian Campbell, who has spent his entire career working with implementing business change, as both a 'Big 4' consultant,  as well as in-house for an entrepreneurial business.

Too many of the businesses Ian has worked with are choked by complexity, experience which has helped to develop the ethos that simplicity is best...less truly is more! 

However, the challenge in achieving simplicity is not to be underestimated - there will be numerous barriers that will need to overcome.

Make having simplicity as a goal your starting point, then pursue this goal relentlessly...the job is never complete but you will start to realise benefits sooner than you might think.    

Protian offers consultancy services to help you achieve this goal. Get in contact and start your journey today!


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