The genius of simplicity

In a word of frightening complexity, simplicity is the hardest thing to achieve...however the potential benefits are huge.

Protian is a niche consultancy that aims to help businesses unlock potential through a range of services.

My projects are successful because...
i) big overspends/overruns
ii) heroic effort
iii) luck
iv) they’re not
v) repeatable excellence

Too many projects fail to deliver...too many projects are only successful because of the heroic effort of a doesn't need to be this way!

Protian offers programme and project management services, and has experience of everything from small tactical projects to large-scale international programmes.

Protian also offers a complete methodology aimed at SMEs which aims to balance an appropriate level of control and discipline with getting the job done. STEP is a complete toolkit containing content, templates and tools as well as training pathways for sponsors, project leaders and project team members.

The goal of repeatable excellence is within reach!

STEP Framework

STEP Framework


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